Other Names: Gaia/Gaea, Terra

Origin, Debut: Reality, 4.54(?) Billion Years ago

Type: Planet

Located in: Milky Way Galaxy


Earth is the third planet of the Solar Star System in the Milky Way Galaxy. It is known for its ability to sustain life, as shown by the variety of lifeforms that are native to the planet, and for the vast ocean that covers its surface, making it appear blue when viewed from space.

It has been noted to have been destroyed in the past but restored numerous times and in several possible futures has been reduced to a barren wasteland and/or heavily polluted to where it can no longer support life.

It is home to a variety of fantastic locations, many of which are rarely or not found anywhere else in the known Universe and even rarer found on another planet together.


  • As a result of constant Time Travel, it is uncertain what inevitable fate will be as each world ending disaster that befalls the planet, someone has traveled back in time to prevent the event from occuring.
  • As a result of this, these Earth that have been removed from the time stream have created an abyss of nonexistance called the Sea of Time.