Tsuya colored

Origin, Debut: Shaman Chronicles, Chapter 2

Birthdate: October 19

Race: Human

Gender: Male

Age: 15

Height: 5'2

Weight: 102.5

Blood Type: A

Power Ranking: D

Rank: Apprentice


  • Kazuma Keiyo (Father)
  • Unnamed Grandmother

Occupation: Student

Residence: New Eden City


Tsuya has a laid-back appearance and is inferior in stature to many around him. He has blue eyes and black hair. He's a thin teen with a short build and he wears the usual Golden Dawn Academy uniform. When not in his traditional uniform, he usually wears a normal sweatshirt and jeans.


Tsuya is known for his bad luck, and lack of athleticism. He's normally insecure, considering himself a failure of a shaman. He has a crush on his childhood friend, Diana di Cielo, seeing her as the only reason to go to Golden Dawn Academy.


Tsuya is the only son of Kazuma Keiyo. Tsuya lived and grew up in Yama. As a child, Tsuya grew up in the shadows of his childhood friends, Ken Nabari and Diana di Cielo, who awakened their shaman powers earlier than Tsuya.

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Abilities & PowersEdit

Spiritual Awareness: Tsuya has enough spiritual power to be able to see spirits in a blurry image.


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